XOIOX KG Austrian Engineering Company

XOIOX KG simply is

a constructive company with sense for detail and in love with bike industry

Vienna, Austria is our hometown where all of our ideas come from, hence each products we create is Manufactured in Europe. We simply love bikes. Any kind. Mountain bike, snow bike, e-bike, even bike cases! We decided to use this love as an idea to start a company that would create something new, something cool and something that can move research in the area of bicycles and bicycles suspension even further.

Our products

Scurra 2


Unique enduro bike with revolutionary suspension system is blowing minds



Snow can no longer stop you. Our snow bike is here to let you rock'n'roll



Travelling? We got you, pack all your belongings and bike () to this case



Our patented front bike suspension system as first seen in Trelever bike®